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Effortlessly Process Claims and Patient Statements! MedOffice makes it easy to perform electronic medical billing functions such as filing claims and patient statements electronically (and can also print them to paper) from this module. The main screen allows you to choose between filing claims or sending patient statements. Depending on which module you select, the screen displays the list of prior claims or statements processed. You can edit prior filing or add a new batch of claims quickly and easily. MedOffice's electronic medical billing software functions are HIPAA-compliant. You can print the ANSI format or generate print image files. MedOffice allows you to track primary, secondary and tertiary claims with great precision.

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Great Filtering Features! Using MedOffice's electronic medical billing software functions, once you create a batch of claims you can choose to filter it further using a variety of easy-to-use filters: By billing #, dates, type of insurance, provider, patient ...etc. You can file a single claim, or a large batch from the same date, or a batch to just one insurance company, or a batch for just one provider and so forth. Additionally, MedOffice's electronic medical billing software module tracks your processed claims so you always know the status of each batch sent.

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